Wednesday 18 May 2016

Style on the Run

I'm not a style-guru but I have some experience observing 'fashionista runners' and trying on multiple types of race outfits over the years of running. We tend to reminisce our race experiences by looking back at old pictures. And what do we see mostly? That race expression and of course that OUTFIT. 

As much as we train for races, we want to put our best face and (in essence of this blog post) best dress forward! It is often said, if you can't run fast, at least look fabulous. 

Be it that you are a newbie or professional runner, looking good is important as it makes you feel confident, brings positive vibes to those runners around and babe, you are gonna look fantastic in photos :)

By being an advocate of looking great and making fitness a vibrant activity, I try to coordinate my race gears as much as possible. Very often, I snap pictures of them to remind myself to keep dressing well and to keep that fire burning.
I will first share some of the functional basics that will help us be in the best possible condition and keep us away from general discomfort and it will follow with some tips to style up your race game.

Basics for Race Day:

1) Dress functionally and comfortably
2) Get sweat wicking gear like CoolMax or Dri Fit
3) Wear a supportive sports bra
4) Wear Sunscreen
5) Apply Vaseline/anti chaffing cream
6) Pin your race bib and timing chips to your singlet/shoes
7) Lay out your gear to avoid panicking on race day
8) Wear a seasoned pair of shoes that you are comfortable with
9) Wear blister-free socks or toe socks to prevent blisters
10) Keep your hair sleek and away from your face

Dont's: Over-sized Race Tee at my First Race

Dont's: 3 quarter tights

Dont's: Place a Towel over the neck. You are a Runner not Char Kway Teow Uncle

Level Up:

1) Wear fitting clothing. Big event race Tees are good to go without if they look like over-sized PJs. 
Imagine how much hindrance that excessive material is going to cause to your hands/hips or how enormous you are going to look when the camera captures your running shot? The camera usually captures the size of the full t-shirt and that is how you are going to look -Full Sized! LOL

2) Choose either short-shorts or long bottoms. 3/4 pants or Capris are never flattering as they make your legs look shorter. Besides, you do not wish to have tan lines just below your knees? 

3) Wear a tinted sunblock that will help even out the tone of your skin color and some lip gloss for some shine when you smile.

4) Coordinate your race gear with theme colors. Monochrome colours are very popular these days.
Mix those colours - yes, ladies love pink but do not wear ALL pink or you are gonna look like a babe literally.

5) Put on those sunnies. Sunnies increases your swag factor and helps to cover your dark eye circles especially when don't get enough sleep prior to race day.

6) Accessorize with a visor, cap or headband. They are useful to block out the heat and puts your hair away too.

Here are some of my recent race gears for your reference:

Race Gear for Green Corridor Race: Monochrome Colours - Mixing Polka Dot details with Stripes

Race Gear for 2XU Half Marathon: Monochrome Colours - Bold Statement Top with Printed Shorts
Add that Trucker Cap to stand out from the rest

Race Gear for 50 Hours Non Stop Run: Bright Colours for the Sunny flag off at 11am
Paddle Pop colours uplifts the mood for running in the hot sun

Find a Buddy who is equally gamed to dress up

Smile and Be Happy at a Race

Keep a relaxed facial expression, shoulders relaxed and run with a good posture

Hope you liked my sharing and perhaps it might add a little sparkle to your running journey. I will share more on the most flattering gears (best shorts, best tops, best brands, etc) in my next post.

In the meantime, keep your chin up, UP YOUR RACE GAME by looking smart and sharp....and don't forget to flash a big wide smile at the Photographer!