Friday, 15 October 2021

Thermage FLX at IDS

Have long heard of Thermage way before an oasis of non-invasive skin tightening treatments sprouted in the market. Hollywood celebrities and many famous fashion influencers swear by its visible results. However, some reviews that pointed to discomfort during the treatment just deterred me from considering it until I read more and understand that the new Thermage FLX is much more comfortable, with shorter treatment time due to its larger device tips.

In anticipation for my treatment, I researched more to understand what exactly is Thermage and what I should expect as I have a low tolerance for pain but yet, I wish to have tighter, younger looking skin.

So what exactly is Thermage? In short, a non-invasive radio-frequency (RF) therapy that can help smoothen, tighten and contour skin for an overall younger-looking appearance, as quoted on thermange website. Only 1 treatment that lasts for about 1 year with no downtime. I thought for 1 year of tighter skin, a can bear with a little discomfort, why not?

On the day of treatment, Dr examined my face and confirmed that Thermage would be the right treatment suited for my condition. Her analogy of Thermage was interesting and apt to what was described - an ironing machine for fine lines and wrinkles. She recommended 600 reps with more  concentration on my forehead and laugh lines and assured me that the treatment would be much more comfortable after the application of numbing cream.

Shortly after, I was led to a treatment room for application numbing cream. For minimal discomfort, it is recommended that numbing cream be left on to absorb for an hour. 

After application of the numbing cream

Thermage template applied as a guide for the stamping device

As soon as the numbing cream began to work, I was led into the Thermage treatment room where they inked a template onto my face as a guide for the targeted treatment points. As Doctor came into the room, she assured me again that it will be bearable and mostly comfortable treatment.  After applying a layer of cooling gel on my face, she adjusted the level to the lowest so that I could gauge how it feels. As we went along, she adjusted the levels to more optimum levels to treat areas of concern.

at the first few trial shots, I was worried it would be painful but it was quite comfortable

570/600 shots, at this point it was comfortable enough for me to take this shot

The 600 shots took about 45 minutes with some short pauses as Doctor adjusted the intensity level for different areas. In all, I would say that the treatment was mostly comfortable and pain-free except the areas near the corner of my mouth. I would rate the pain level overall as 3/10 and 7/10 around the mouth. 

Post treatment, there were no redness or any sensitivities and I could leave the clinic almost immediately. I even went shopping around orchard with my hubby!

Right after treatment with no visible redness or side effects

As advised by Doctor, my natural collagen will begin to regenerate in the coming months and I should see result as soon as 4 weeks' time. Now at the time of writing this, I am into a week after treatment and I already feel my skin surface is a lot smoother with a slight lift at the corner of my lips. I cannot wait to see a tightened, younger looking me in the next few months. If I were to time the full effects, they will reach optimal results around Christmas till Chinese New Year. How awesome to bring my best face forward then! 

If you like to know more about Thermage, you can read more about it here. I get all my information about Thermage there. I recommend that you speak to your doctor before deciding if Thermage is best for you but when I was deciding on the treatment, I spoke to my facial consultant in IDS Aesthetics before hoping on this bandwagon.

Thursday, 25 February 2021

3rd Visit: Pico Sure Laser

 Just one week before Chinese New Year, I managed to get a slot for Pico Sure laser recommended by IDS for my sunspots and also for tightening my pores.

Preparation Room for numbing cream

application of numbing cream

After consultation, I was led into a preparation room for application of numbing cream. About 20 mins later, I was led into the laser room to start my treatment.
Immediately after I laid down, they could sense that I was very nervous and reassured me that I would not feel too uncomfortable.

True enough, the Pico Laser was almost painless through her gentle hand motions. Except for sensitive areas like my cheekbones, I would say the pain level is at most 2/10. Considering that I have a low threshold for pain, this treatment could be 0 pain for many. The sensation is very much like rubber tapping on your face in hyper fast motions, with higher concentrations on target areas.

The entire process took less than 20 mins and I had to laugh at myself for being nervous for nothing!

A cooling serum was applied to soothe redness and small bumps from my sensitive skin. I was then led back to the preparation area for the soothing light mask.

15 mins later, there was much less redness and I was ready to go. Consultant Cassandra told me it might take 1 to 2 days for any sensitivities to clear and it took mine about 2 to 3 days. 

I had a few small bumps around the target areas in the cheeks and it faded after 3 days.

A week later, I could notice a smoother touch and appearance on my cheeks and I noticed that my makeup glided on nicely compared to before. 

For those looking for a quick treatment with little to no down time, this is the go-to laser!
Thankful to get the opportunity to review this treatment and I am convinced to sign a full course with IDS.

If you are keen to find out more, you can visit if you wish to know more about your skin!

During the Laser Treatment

Right after the laser

Skin soothing light mask

One week later and without makeup

Wednesday, 20 January 2021

2nd Visit: Facial with IDS Aesthetic

Visited IDS Orchard earlier this week for my 1st Facial treatment. After all the safety check-in procedure, I was greeted by their friendly Consultant who recommended Cryo Therapeutics Treatment (CTT), noting that my skin was looking dull (probably after several late night this festive season).

The Treatment Room

The treatment room was a nice serene white theme, spotlessly cleaned for hygiene and a comfortable experience. Therapist Jessmine was very soft spoken and at the same time very friendly and approachable in answering my questions.

The procedure for the facial:

  • Double Cleansing
  • HydroD (water dermabrasion including use of multi minerals solution)
  • Serum infusions (vitamins & brighteners)
  • CryoProbe
  • Seaweed Mask 
  • Moisturizer
  • Sunscreen

Just before starting

As IDS skincare products are used in the facial, I could immediately recognize the fruity scent of the Refreshing Cleanser. Following that, the gentle Facial Scrub was applied to remove surface impurities.

First step: Refreshing Cleanser

After Scrub, there's an immediate glow already

In the next step, I experienced an interesting vacuum sensation as the HydroD water dermabrasion machine was used. It was comfortable and I like the feeling that excess dirt is sucked out from my skin!

Next was my ultimate fear - extraction. Jessmine was so quick and gentle, it was over in a jiffy. I was not as uncomfortable as I thought it would be.

Next vitamin and brightening serum were delivered into my skin through iontophoresis, followed by Cyrotherapy technology (CryoProbe) to soothe and energize my skin.

Because my skin is sensitive and turn red occasionally, a seaweed mask was used instead of the usual sheet mask. I like the scent of seaweed that immediately felt soothing and comfortable.

I must say this facial session had been the most comfortable one I have ever experienced.  I also like that the duration is just nice for a lunch time quick fix!

You can visit for more about their products or if you wish to know more about your skin!

Sunday, 3 January 2021

1st Visit : Skin Transformation Journey with IDS Skincare

2020 has been a year of adjustments. The months of confinement during circuit breaker (lockdown) saw me slacking in my skin care. As I stayed at home, I did not pay much attention to my skin. It became habitual that it continued into Phase 2. Adding to the damage, I went on extended runs in the weekends, adding new sun spots to my face.
As we march into 2021, I thought it would be only kind to myself to start afresh with a proper skin care regime. Afterall, there's this saying in Chinese that there are no ugly women in the world, only lazy ones.

Timely enough, I was invited to IDS two weeks ago for a consultation with Doctor Michelle Wong. My skin concerns are sun spots and uneven skin tone. She was very personable and patient in sharing her knowledge about freckles and was very skillful in identifying areas of concern. She recommended a complete range of 9 products. Skin Consultant, Cassandra explained the usage in detail including a written guide so that I would not skip a step!

Refreshing Cleanser, Refreshing Toner, Pore Formula, C-Plus, Oil-free Moisturizer, 

Rejuvenating Complex, Facial Scrub, Tinted Sunblock, Diamond-Dust Perfector 

So, this is my Day Regime. I take 5 steps for work-from-home days and 7 steps on days when I go out!

1st Step: Refreshing Cleanser

One of my faves from the whole range is this refreshing cleanser that has a light fruity scent and it strips off makeup gently without stripping off my skin's natural protective layer. I have dry and slightly sensitive skin and this worked perfectly for me.

2nd Step: Refreshing Toner

As a double cleanser, this toner helped to give a final clean to my skin and also provided great care for my pores. 

3rd Step: Pore Formula

With this I can reduce the agony of blackhead squeezing during facials as it rapidly clears out blackheads, whiteheads and blemishes.
Though I do not exactly like the smell of the product, but trading it with good results is pretty worth it.

4th Step: C Plus

An award winning light anti-oxidant serum, this is formulated with potent form of Vitamin C and active ingredients to increase collagen production. Over two weeks, I can see my skin tone evening out from the forehead to my cheeks. I hope that with longer usage, i will see less fine lines and wrinkles!

5th Step: Oil-free Moisturizer

My day moisturizer, this non-greasy moisturizer did help control acne especially during the week leading to my period, I did not have any acne this month! I like that it is light enough to use during the day, with minimized shine. It is packed with a synergistic combination of Vitamin C and E to give a balanced complexion, and a gentle Vitamin A that aids in clearing up complexion. This is also an award winner!

6th Step: Tinted Sunblock

A must-do step for everyone, this matte SPF50 sunblock is packed with anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory action.

7th Step: Diamond-Dust Perfector

The only make-up product in the entire skincare series, this to me is the star product that helps me face the world, literally! It instantly minimizes pores and blemishes and smooths out appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Most make up base clogs pores and results in acne. But this product is easy to remove and did not clog my pores since I started using it these 2 weeks.

Spot the difference! (left side is with Diamond Dust)

For my evening regime, I add in the Facial Scrub on alternate days and simply exchange the Oil-Free Day Moisturizer (5th Step) for the Rejuvenating Complex.

1st Step: Refreshing Cleanser
2nd Step: Refreshing Toner
3rd Step: Pore Formula
4th Step: C Plus

5th Step: Rejuvenating Complex

As I am already into my 40s, a more potent anti-aging cream can dramatically reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. The RC contains unique ingredients that boost collagen and elastin production immediately improving skin texture. It is packed with IDS' patented NUELASTIN formulation and delivery system so that the skin effectively absorbs the active ingredients. I like that it is not too heavy for an anti-aging cream.

Taking good care of our skin is a lifetime commitment and requires consistency and discipline.
For just following the steps diligently the past two weeks, I can already see a slight improvement in the brightening of my skin tone. I am very grateful to be part of this transformation journey and I am looking to putting my 'best face forward' this coming Chinese New Year!

Spot the difference! (a brightened skin tone and slightly lighter sunspots)

You can visit for more about their products or if you wish to know more about your skin!

Sunday, 16 February 2020

Knowledge is Power

Breast cancer happens to about 1 in 11 women. And the risks increases in those above 40, had a family history, and many other factors.

I have never done mammogram checks before and told myself I must get one done by the time I hit 40. 

So around end Dec last year, I shopped online for a detailed mammogram & ultrasound package with consultation. Found one that was around $350 by a female doctor. 
I tried reading up for what to expect - some discomfort and pain when they compress your breasts for imaging etc. 

On the day of screening, the radiologist took a few images, consulted a doctor and returned for more detailed shots. I tried asking if that meant something of concern but she said I have to wait for the doctors advise. Ok nevermind. I thought if it were to be serious then they would take immediate action. All done in 10 mins. 

I went on to the ultrasound check which took about 45 mins. I could see the radiologist marking and taking measurements of multiple spots on the screen. She could not advise me of her findings and told me to consult the doctor. 

2 days later I returned for my results with the doctor and the first thing she said was: Lady, you’re very special. Cos you have multiple lumps in your breasts. Let me take you through my findings... she asked for my family history, the age I first got my period, if I had kids, and went on to explain that one in 11 women get breast cancer etc. 

For my case, there was 25% chance of some areas being Cancer. 

She gave me 4 options:
  1.  to accept 25% uncertainty and do a rescan 3 months later
  2. needle biopsy which might need another further open excisional surgery
  3. wire insertion procedure & open excisional surgery 
  4. MRI 

Her suggestion for the most definitive diagnosis was to do a mammographic guided wire localization procedure followed by an open excisonal biopsy with 4 cuts to one breast and 2 or 3 cuts to the other.

I couldn’t accept that in order to diagnose cancer, a surgery must first be done. 
I thought blood tests, small needle suctions or other scans would suffice. 

I sought a 2nd opinion from a recommended doctor who confirmed that two procedures - a wire localization and an excisional open breast surgery would be most definitive. 

His approach was pragmatic and he gave me much assurance that there would only be one incision per side to remove the concerned areas. He also assured me that he was going to combine all surgery into one - a pathologist will be invited into the operation theatre to conduct a frozen section biopsy to determine if there is cancer during the surgery when I’m asleep. If found cancerous, the surrounding tissues around the lesions would be removed. This means I do not have to go through two surgeries and do not have to wait in agony for my biopsy results. His assistant had also explained the aftercare and admin matters very patiently.

Dressed for Chest X-Ray
I went home and discussed it with my hubby who was also in favor of the surgical biopsy. So I called in to book for the procedure a month later.

Knowing there’s a possibility something might not be right and scheduling it later could be a self-imposed 'prolonged agony'. 
But I made the choice to delay the surgery till after CNY cos I wanted to celebrate the festivities with my family & friends. I didn’t want any possible bad news to dampen anyone’s mood during our most celebrated season. 

I researched all about breast cancer biopsies and what to expect. Deep down I knew that God will walk me through regardless of whatever outcome.
I was hoping for the best and also preparing for the worst. Only God knows what will happen. 

During this whole month of waiting, I meditated on Matt 11:30, believing that his yoke is easy and burden is light. I made a choice to stop reading too much online articles and just enjoy the month of Jan. True to my effort to just park this aside, I never had a sleepless night. I had a rather nice month of Jan, preparing for CNY, a nice haircut, enjoyed my fave HDL steamboat, did some online shopping and spent good quality time with my friends & family. I kept myself occupied doing things I liked so there was never a dull moment for me to overthink anything. 

On the eve of surgery, I had a restful 9 hours of sleep and woke up to a hearty breakfast and started fasting with no food after 10am. I had a 300ml allowance of any clear fluids till 12pm. 

The Wire localisation and Mammo Machine

After admissions, I was wheeled to the radiologist for my first procedure - wire localization; a mammogram guided wire inserted to the areas to guide the surgeon on the next procedure (picture on right). It was slightly scary as I could watch the whole process and the wire insertion but not as painful as I expected.

The anticipation for the main surgery began building up, meditating helped but it wouldn't be true to say that I was completely fearless. The doctor had told me what to expect when I wake up:

-he will be beside me to tell me if there is cancer
-if he happens not to be there or if I gain consciousness earlier, I should look out for any bandage on my armpits. That would mean there is cancer and there was a biopsy on the lymph nodes. If there were tubes on my armpits, it would mean the cancer had spread and glands were removed 
-he will call my husband again to inform him in case I am just too drowsy to process what he was saying

Based on the time the surgery was scheduled, it took about over 2 hours and I spent about 1.5 hours in a recovery room till I was back in my room.

The Operating Theatre (pic from Mount E Novena website)

I remember waking from surgery slightly drowsy to hear from the Doctor that no cancer was found. I remember telling him thank God, thank God and fell back into sleep. 

The next moment I came around, semi-conscious with my legs trembling. I dozed off again. 

When I finally woke up I was already in my room where my hubby, mum and sis were waiting for me.

I could tell everyone seemed relieved. To my family and close friends who visited me, thank you for your love!

After fasting since 10am

I’m very grateful that I’m free from any cancer and there won’t be any treatment required. 

Everything from the moment I stepped into the hospital till my discharge went better than I expected.

My hospital admission was done in the room and my standard single room was uplodged to the hospital’s signature room with butler service, a complimentary minibar, a coffee machine, shower amenities and limousine services that feels more like a hotel staycation. There was even an ipad to order my breakfast - I had nasi lemak and croissants!

The nurses and doctors were super kind and made the whole experience a lot less uncomfortable. I walked in and out of the hospital without paying a single cent.

Indeed his grace is sufficient for me. Cancer or no cancer. 

Through this season, I experienced his supernatural peace and indeed his yoke is easy and burden is light. 
There will be challenges ahead, and I will always remember how God used this episode to show me how he walked through it with me.

If you would like to know more, please reach me at

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Style on the Run

I'm not a style-guru but I have some experience observing 'fashionista runners' and trying on multiple types of race outfits over the years of running. We tend to reminisce our race experiences by looking back at old pictures. And what do we see mostly? That race expression and of course that OUTFIT. 

As much as we train for races, we want to put our best face and (in essence of this blog post) best dress forward! It is often said, if you can't run fast, at least look fabulous. 

Be it that you are a newbie or professional runner, looking good is important as it makes you feel confident, brings positive vibes to those runners around and babe, you are gonna look fantastic in photos :)

By being an advocate of looking great and making fitness a vibrant activity, I try to coordinate my race gears as much as possible. Very often, I snap pictures of them to remind myself to keep dressing well and to keep that fire burning.
I will first share some of the functional basics that will help us be in the best possible condition and keep us away from general discomfort and it will follow with some tips to style up your race game.

Basics for Race Day:

1) Dress functionally and comfortably
2) Get sweat wicking gear like CoolMax or Dri Fit
3) Wear a supportive sports bra
4) Wear Sunscreen
5) Apply Vaseline/anti chaffing cream
6) Pin your race bib and timing chips to your singlet/shoes
7) Lay out your gear to avoid panicking on race day
8) Wear a seasoned pair of shoes that you are comfortable with
9) Wear blister-free socks or toe socks to prevent blisters
10) Keep your hair sleek and away from your face

Dont's: Over-sized Race Tee at my First Race

Dont's: 3 quarter tights

Dont's: Place a Towel over the neck. You are a Runner not Char Kway Teow Uncle

Level Up:

1) Wear fitting clothing. Big event race Tees are good to go without if they look like over-sized PJs. 
Imagine how much hindrance that excessive material is going to cause to your hands/hips or how enormous you are going to look when the camera captures your running shot? The camera usually captures the size of the full t-shirt and that is how you are going to look -Full Sized! LOL

2) Choose either short-shorts or long bottoms. 3/4 pants or Capris are never flattering as they make your legs look shorter. Besides, you do not wish to have tan lines just below your knees? 

3) Wear a tinted sunblock that will help even out the tone of your skin color and some lip gloss for some shine when you smile.

4) Coordinate your race gear with theme colors. Monochrome colours are very popular these days.
Mix those colours - yes, ladies love pink but do not wear ALL pink or you are gonna look like a babe literally.

5) Put on those sunnies. Sunnies increases your swag factor and helps to cover your dark eye circles especially when don't get enough sleep prior to race day.

6) Accessorize with a visor, cap or headband. They are useful to block out the heat and puts your hair away too.

Here are some of my recent race gears for your reference:

Race Gear for Green Corridor Race: Monochrome Colours - Mixing Polka Dot details with Stripes

Race Gear for 2XU Half Marathon: Monochrome Colours - Bold Statement Top with Printed Shorts
Add that Trucker Cap to stand out from the rest

Race Gear for 50 Hours Non Stop Run: Bright Colours for the Sunny flag off at 11am
Paddle Pop colours uplifts the mood for running in the hot sun

Find a Buddy who is equally gamed to dress up

Smile and Be Happy at a Race

Keep a relaxed facial expression, shoulders relaxed and run with a good posture

Hope you liked my sharing and perhaps it might add a little sparkle to your running journey. I will share more on the most flattering gears (best shorts, best tops, best brands, etc) in my next post.

In the meantime, keep your chin up, UP YOUR RACE GAME by looking smart and sharp....and don't forget to flash a big wide smile at the Photographer!

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

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